English / My son was murdered. Many helped to catch the murderer.

Accident escape with death of my son, 28.4.10 in Mönchengladbach

(The victim, my son Bernd Seiffert)

My son, the software developer Bernd Seiffert, was riding on his bicycle in Moenchengladbach. Then he was killed by a driver of a „Mercedes Sprinter“.

A speaker of the police confirmed later that the lighting of the bicycle was still okay after the accident . Bernd Seiffert had a high-quality route wheel with modern lighting system. The fact that he was in the accident night with light and helmet on the way is for the police out of question.

(The terrible place -police photo-)

The driver Michel M. departed of the scene without helping the severely injured.
My son – who was still some time with full consciousness – died some hours after an emergency operation.

I mean that he could still live, if the driver had informed the emergency service. My son Bernd was only 26 years old. He had been discovered by a man from Krefeld. At this time he was still accessible. He said, that he could not feel his left arm and his left leg. Then he asked the aide whether he must die now. Few hours later Bernd Seiffert died after the emergency operation in the hospital.

Police photo of Michel M. (offender)

After the deadly traffic accident with escape, the police in Moenchengladbach had formed an investigation commission. They looked for a car (Mercedes Sprinter) with missing right outside mirror.

(Police photo)

The interest in the media (television, newspapers and in the Internet networks) is very large because of the special tragedy. During an unusually long period in the various daily papers and different television newscasts was reported on the tragic happening.

Then I informed my Twitter-friends:
„Accident escape with death of my son; 28.4. in Moenchengladbach, Sprinter/Crafter, right outside mirror is missing http://i8t.de/5p7jxjvv“
A storm of retweets started, which spread my cry for help
all of Germany and the world.

The speaker of the police said that with a hit and run so many references were received never before. Later I experienced that the FBI and the police in the USA search already for some time in Twitter for criminals.
“ Investigation leader Friedhelm Schultz: „The reference arising was enormous, owing to many media, also Twitter. “

Effect showed: A witness announced a damaged Sprinter after the accident day.

(Bernd Seiffert and Rainer Seiffert)

Michel M. had been withdrawed the driving licence because of its irresponsible driving. The driving ban did not interest him. He could drive for years despite that with a car. Then he was condemned because of driving without driving licence. Also that could not impress him. He drove further again and again without permission. He dead-drove then my son. Despite the knowledge around the death of Bernd Seiffert he rode again a car (with a bottle beer). This proves finally the Character of this human. Even the death of a human caused by Michel M. caused no regret or reversal. To give him again the opportunity to a murder, would be irresponsible. He may not get again the opportunity to kill further humans.

(Bernd Seiffert)

I thank the reference-giving and the investigating authorities for the fact that they determined the killer so fast. For the overwhelming support with this large search and for the valuable and innumerable condolence declarations I am likewise very grateful.

Bernd Seiffert was a positive and optimistic human and an idealist. He supported always selfless the interests of its fellow men. He was highly intelligently and environmentally conscious. His passion was the bicycle driving.

(Bernd Seiffert)

He was very health and conscious. Bernd had completed his education as a software developer at the elite university in Aachen. Now he went to dancing and he had the intention to build a family and to by a house.

He was very healthy, he could probably have lived still far more than 60 years. He wanted to get children.

Now everything was destroyed by only one killer.

He exerted himself with his whole energy in his honorary offices particularly for the weak ones and maltreating of the society. His death tore a large gap there, since he belonged to the most active ones.

I am shocked. We are missing him so much. Children should not die before their parents.

The room of Bernd Seiffert will remain always empty now: (Father Rainer Seiffert, photo: Bild Zeitung)

A comfort is that for his last journey many humans prayed.

Bernd Seiffert was in the executive committee of various associations, which non-profit purposes pursue. Many humans (approx. 200), an overwhelming number of friends from the different honorary offices of my son as well as people, who he helped, accompanied him on his last course.

He intended still so much, large plans, dreams and many ideas. His big heart belonged to the maltreating of the society…“ reminded the reverend during the service.

Michel M. was condemned to only 9 years prison.

My opinion is: Nine years prison is not enough for murder. Now I go to the highest German Court.

(Bild Zeitung: Michel M.)

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This video shows how dangerous it is to drive a car:


27 Antworten zu English / My son was murdered. Many helped to catch the murderer.

  1. Debra Crawford schreibt:

    I am truly saddened by your loss. I can’t imagine what you may be going through. I will pray that God will give you peace.

    • jessica robertson schreibt:

      I lost my children…not in death, but lost them nonetheless. It was painful beyond description and it changed me forever. But I take comfort in the Lord and I know that even if I cannot be with them, He is watching over them.

      Know that your son is now with you in spirit and with His Holy Father in Heaven…

      „You are my son. Today I have become your Father.“ -Acts 13:33

  2. euonymous schreibt:

    It is a terrible story. And a terrible thing to lose your beautiful son. We lost one of our two sons in February of 2009. It is still very painful. My prayers are with you and your family.

  3. foodmuses schreibt:

    My prayers are with you Rainer. As you go through the different levels of grief, try to remember the good memories of your son and that you will see him again someday with your Holy Father.

  4. Anatoli schreibt:

    My deepest condolences.
    I have a friend who lost his son 10 years ago on a bike accident
    and he could never find a piece.
    May God be with you.

  5. Stephen Randdolf schreibt:

    Mr Seiffert,

    My Prayers Are With You & Your Family! May God Give You Peace!

    God Bless

  6. jo brothers schreibt:

    I am very sorry to hear about your son’s accident. May you all have peace rest upon you and within you. Prayers for your son.

  7. Karrie schreibt:

    I am so sorry to hear of your tragic loss and hope that the murderer is sent to prison for a very long time … and still it will not be enough to make up for your loss.

  8. Abhishek Bhardwaj schreibt:

    I guess you are strong enough to bear such a loss.
    I pray to God for his well being in Heaven.

  9. Barbara schreibt:

    Rainer and family,

    I am so very sorry for your loss and I weep with you. I don’t even know what to say, but please know that people throughout the world care about you and will fondly remember your son through your words.

  10. wampusskitty schreibt:

    I am grieved for u and urs. Prayers for you and yours.

  11. Cynthia-Alexandra schreibt:

    So sorry for your loss,Rainer. My thoughts & prayers remain with you. My heart grieves with you at the loss of such a beautiful person,your son,Bernd. May our wonderful Lord wrap you & your Family in His arms & give U peace.

    Prayer for Those Who Suffer
    For those who suffer,
    and those who cry this night,
    give them repose, Lord;
    a pause in their burdens.
    Let there be minutes
    where they experience peace,
    not of man
    but of angels.
    Love them, Lord,
    when others cannot.
    Hold them, Lord,
    when we fail with human arms.
    Hear their prayers
    and give them the ability to hear You back
    in whatever language they best understand.

  12. Marianne Belardi schreibt:

    My heart breaks for your recent tragedy. How handsome your son is (and resembles his father). I pray you and your family find peace, strength and comfort in your memories of Bernd even as you grieve his untimely loss.

  13. roy peeters schreibt:

    hallo rainer..
    ich habe grade von denise gehort was passiert ist..
    ich binn total entsetzt..
    sorry fur mein deutsch binn nicht so gut in deutsch schreiben..
    aber meine beileid!!
    schrecklich zu horen/lesen uber was passiert ist
    roy peeters

  14. Coyote Prophet schreibt:

    My deepest sympathy’s to you for your loss. And thank you for your wonderful work on spreading positive quotes on Twitter. So much is given to those who give.

  15. Paul O'Donnell schreibt:

    I am sorry for your loss, life is so cruel sometimes.


  16. GreenLava schreibt:

    I am truly saddened by your loss. Life is unfair sometimes, but that’s how life works.
    Here in Malaysia we are grieving the loss of 4 lives (due to a gruesome murder).

  17. Elisabeth Kuhn schreibt:

    I am very sorry about your loss. I just found out about it on Twitter.
    What an awful thing to have happened!
    My prayers are with you and your family.


  18. Diablo 3 beta keys schreibt:

    Thanks for this post. It really helped me.

  19. Titi schreibt:

    My condolences. Lost my sister at sea and the body was discovered after five days and buried in a foreign land. We didn’t even see her corpse.I feel so awful cos it happened just 5/3/11.May her soul rest in peace.

  20. ღDreams☆of☆Shadowღ schreibt:

    Danke für diesen Beitrag …. Ich habe schon gelesen die Seite 4 mal. Es scheint mir, es gibt immer etwas Neues …

  21. Jonathan schreibt:

    Dear Rainer, we grieve your loss, and also pray that you will receive the good justice that you deserve…

  22. Ihre Geschichte hat mich tief bewegt. Ihr Sohn starb an meinem Geburtstag. Ich bin beindruckt bei..(sorry lack of German at this point…. the immense immediate support you have gotten from twitter). Ich stimme Ihnen zu, dass 9 Jahre Gefangnis sind viel zu wenig, wie auch immer man es auch darstellen will, er hat getotet.

  23. kingrchard Joe schreibt:

    Dear mr Seiffert, only grace of God and passion vision for the betterment of humanity can grant you the fortitude to bear the in-repairable loss. Bernd has left a good memory behind. He won’t come bacb to us we will go to him sometime soon. Though children should bury their parents. Accept my condolence and thanks for sharing.

  24. hesham raddah schreibt:

    Dear Seiffert, I went through the above sadness story. first, I would say so sorry for what happened from inhuman person. second, the life been created with life and death, happiness and sadness, love and hate, good and evil. therefore, we must accept the nature of life passing on all of them. so just the greater like you who can stand-up infront of sadness matters. I hope you to get prosperous onward days which return on you and your family the life with happiness edging by love in good health.


  25. Seyi sandra schreibt:

    Such gripping post! I’m really sorry about the loss of your son again! I hope the sweet Lord will help you and the Holy spirit will continually comfort you!

  26. Peaches Ledwidge schreibt:

    I followed you but had not clue about your son’s death. I’m so sorry. Keep strong.

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